• Standards

    We are very experienced in supporting people in the implementation and integration of management system standards to achieve UKAS approved certification.

    As well as the most popular of these standards  –

    – we cover a wide range of others, as shown on our Standards page.

    Our membership certificate shows the standards for which we are included in the BSI Associate Consultant Programme.

  • Performance excellence

    We use globally recognised excellence frameworks and business improvement tools, such as the EFQM Model to enable you to –

    • run your organisation more effectively
    • improve your performance in the eyes of your product or service users and other stakeholders
    • improve the satisfaction, well being and motivation of the people who work for you

    We are also one of a group of partner organisations strategically chosen by the EFQM to work with them as a Certified Advisor Organisation.

  • Training

    We provide a wide range of bespoke training, both as stand-alone training sessions or workshops and as part of the delivery of projects.

    Our training can be delivered on your premises or at a suitable venue or even remotely, especially where potential trainees may be spread across far apart locations or during challenging times like the current COVID-19 pandemic.

    We are also a Certified Training Organisation in partnership with the EFQM and can offer this EFQM Certified Foundation Course to those who would like to know more about how use of the EFQM Model can benefit your organisation.

  • Our Global Reach

    LHS client map for website 2

    Our global client reach demonstrates our ability  to work effectively across geographical and cultural boundaries.

    We have consultants based across the UK, as well as a key consultant partner in the USA.

    Within the UK, we try wherever possible to provide consultants reasonably local to our clients.


  • Our client satisfaction

    NPSWe have very satisfied clients, as our current Net Promoter Score® of 100% shows.

    Our strong track record of helping organisations from small businesses to large multi-nationals, across a wide range of commercial and non-commercial sectors, demonstrates our ability to provide effective consultancy structured to your size, complexity and individual aims. We are proud of the way we work.

    And don’t just take our word for it. See below what our clients say about us.

  • Buy your BSI & ISO standards here

    If you would like a copy of any of the ISO or BSI standards, whether or not we provide consultancy for them, then just click on the button below and it will take you directly to the BSI shop, where you can search for the standard you are looking for by title, key word or standard number and buy whatever copies you need, either in paper or digital format.